Elmers Beer On The BBC’s One Show!

It’s not everyday Elmers Beer is shown on prime time television, thanks to the BBC’s One Show it was there for all to see!

Elmers Beer on The One Show!

Elmers Beer on The One Show!

The One Show visited the The Rattlebone Bone Inn and Carpenters Arms in Sherston, both have Elmers on permanently for their respective clientele to enjoy.

Elmers Beer On The BBC's One Show

Elmers Beer On The BBC’s One Show

Our eagle eyes spotted the Elmers pump badge on display and we’d thought we’d share with you a couple of stills from the show itself.

With an average 10 million viewers we at The Flying Monk Brewery couldn’t have wished for a better visible display of Elmers!

Congratulations to both the Rattlebone Inn and of course the Carpenters Arms for their moment on television!